Posted on Oct 5, 2019

Red Raven Art Gallery

Sylvia Hart is a freelance Photographer and Photo Artist, who primarily works with digital media. Sylvia's interest in photography has spanned over the last decade. She has spent the last 20 some years living and traveling through the United States and has returned home with her husband to beautiful Northern British Columbia Canada. Sylvia's recent move back to her homeland has given her a renewed passion and interest in landscape photography . Always a positive, energetic and fun loving Artist, Sylvia's main goal is to convey the beauty of her homeland and bring visual pleasure to her viewers. Her work can be seen at local establishments and at Red Raven Art Gallery and also on her website.
My photography has been included in the celebrity swag bags at GBK's 2015 Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge, in association with The Artisan Group (TAG)
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